Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Timex Global Trainer GPS Watch

I was not a GPS fan. Too much money, I thought. I already have a watch, I thought. Mine works fine. Well, I'm here to tell you today that I've been converted.

I'm talking about the new Global Trainer GPS watch from Timex. We got these watches in the store a couple of months ago and in that time I've been testing them. Well, now I'm completely spoiled by it. This watch is pretty dang cool! Here are a few points I'd like to throw out there:

1. The watch is big. There's no getting around it. But, even with the large size I never noticed it while I ran with it. It feels almost like my regular 30 lap Timex (which we also sell) and I have skinny wrists.

2. The watch is a little bit larger than the new Garmins because it will display so much information on one screen. You can customize that screen with just about anything from elevation to speed & distance.

3. It also have multi-sport functions for all you triathletes out there who want to transition into the swim, but can't take your Garmin. The Timex Global Trainer is water resistant.

4. We carry just the GPS watch or GPS watch that also includes a heart rate monitor.

There are a lot of other features in the watch which would keep me typing all day. But for someone who is not tech saavy and has never owned a GPS system for my car let alone one that I could wear on my wrist, I have to say, I'm having a ball with this one. It's hard for me to leave the house on a run without it. I've taken it on trips and used it when I stepped out of a hotel room. I've hiked with it and done beach runs with it. I've even been lost back in unfamiliar neighborhoods and utilized the compass functions to get back on the right track.

I will warn you a bit after you purchase one, though, that it takes the watch a couple minutes to link up to the satellite or whatever. We had a customer come in to tell us that they "couldn't get the GPS to work." I'll assure you, it works. One little tip: I usually set the watch out on my front steps or near a window and then go and get dressed for the run and when I'm finished lacing up my running shoes the watch is ready to go, too.

I know, I know, some of you will say that it's expensive ($300 and up), but Christmas is coming up, right?

This post is not so much for those people who are happy with their GPS watches. It's more for those folks who have never owned one or are on the hunt for something different.

I would recommend coming into the store one of these days and trying one on. I have a feeling you won't want a regular watch after that.

Ok, well, I'm going for a run...turning on watch....setting out on porch....and out the door. How far should I go?....


  1. Thanks Dexter! I've been on the fence about this. I'll check it out next time I come to the store...

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